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Norman's Dog Day Care is centered around providing a fun environment where dogs can socialise, learn new skills, enrichment whilst being taught doggy etiquette.

Norman's Dog Day Care

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Dog Day Care with a difference 

Awarded 5 * by South Cambridgeshire District Council 

Norman’s Dog Day Care has arrived in the lovely village of Over, the brainchild of Tamsin-Jane Sewell.  After completing her BA Hon's in Professional Practice in Canine Behavior and Psychology she really wanted to do something that helped with some of the behavior issues that she had been seeing in the last three years.   The Dog Day Care centre named after the family's Newfoundland has been created to deal with dogs that are left at home whilst owners are at work.  The environment is very different from any other Dog Day Care.  The Days are structured with walks, play, learning and training.  Every dog that is considered for the Dog Day Care has a behavioral examination and the staff work together with a training plan specifically catered for your canine.