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Doggy Day Care

Daily Activities

We start the day at dog day care in Over with socialisation then a pack walk into the lovely Countryside and past the beautiful nature reserve for dogs that are 9 months and older. Then back to doggy day care for a well deserved break and quick snooze if required.

Dog Training

Twice daily slots are allocated for one to one tuition.  This can cover anything from help on recall or help with some of those naughty problems at home such as claiming the sofa, counter surfing (stealing food from work tops). 

Play Time

Now after a little discipline the dogs are placed into groups so they can have some fun time to let of some steam.   

Down Time

Yes you got it the dogs are even taught how to relax and have some down time.  This is especially helpful for dogs that find it hard to relax. We use canine massage and Tellington Touch techniques on the dogs too help them relax. 

Afternoon Hide & Seek

We have designed our outside space to be fun there are plenty of things to find including yummy treats and of course their favorite toys.  

Agility or Crazy Ball Launcher

Time for a whizz around on the agility course, great way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog.  If your dog loves ball games then hes going to love our remote dog launcher.  For the more chilled out canines we have dog games which will give them a great mental work out.

Hand Over time ...... I think you will find a very happy tired hound.